Poster Giveaway

This month you can win a big Chart.Guide poster in the November edition of the Cool giveaway action. 



Cool Infographics is a website with a beautiful collection of data visualization posters and data visualization guides, among which you can find Chart.Guide. As a promotion to the release of Chart.Guide poster 4.0 they asked if I was interested to do an interview and participate in a giveaway action. 

Datavisualization guides:

Datavisualization posters:


To promote the giveaway action, I was interviewed by Randy Krum, the owner of Cool In this interview I answered questions about the path that led to why I created the poster and how the design process of the poster is working. You can read the entire interview here: 

Giveaway action

Readers of Cool Infographics can participate in a monthly giveaway action. Prices can be books, conference tickets, subscriptions, training courses, etc. Giveaways will be awarded to a randomly selected registrant, and winners will be notified by email. In the November edition you can win two Chart.Guide posters. One for yourself, and one to give away to someone else. 

The only thing you need to do to participate in the giveaway action, is to drop you email adress at Cool 

Link to the giveaway action:

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