Special Pi-day edition

Why a special edition poster?

Normally we would not recommend you to use a Pie-chart, because this chart is hard to read and not very accurate in interpretation. But March 14 (written as 03-14), is the day that is dedicated to Pi, and all about celebrating Pi. If you have to make a chart today, let it be a Pi-chart. So go ahead, take your chance to make the chart you should not make. Today you can. 

International Pi- day

International Pi-Day is held on March 14 to celebrate the the mathematical constant π (pi). The date is chosen, because when March 14 is written in numbers it is the same as the first numbers of pi (3-14). To celebrate International Pi-Day at ChartGuide, we created a Special Pi-Day Edition of the ChartGuide Poster. 

What is the difference between the normal and the special edition

The difference between the normal edition and this special edition is that the not-recommended Pie chart has been replaced with the Pi-chart. This Pi-chart can be used to celebrate Pi-day. This special edition is only available for a limited time, so if you want to have this Chart.Guide collectors edition, download it now. 

The Pi-day special edition is only available in English. A Dutch edition would not make sense since the name translates as “taart grafiek” which has no relation with the number Pi. 


Sorry, Pie day has passed, this poster edition is not available anymore. Perhaps next year. You can still download the normal ChartGuide poster. 

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