Special Pi-day edition

Why a special edition poster?

Normally we would not recommend you to use a Pie-chart, because this chart is hard to read and not very accurate in interpretation. But March 14 (written as 03-14), is the day that is dedicated to Pi, and all about celebrating Pi. If you have to make a chart today, let it be a Pi-chart. So go ahead, take your chance to make the chart you should not make. Today you can. 

International Pi- day

International Pi-Day is held on March 14 to celebrate the the mathematical constant π (pi). The date is chosen, because when March 14 is written in numbers it is the same as the first numbers of pi (3-14). To celebrate International Pi-Day at ChartGuide, we created a Special Pi-Day Edition of the ChartGuide Poster. 

What is the difference between the normal and the special edition

The difference between the normal edition and this special edition is that the not-recommended Pie chart has been replaced with the Pi-chart. This Pi-chart can be used to celebrate Pi-day. This special edition is only available for a limited time, so if you want to have this Chart.Guide collectors edition, download it now. 

The Pi-day special edition is only available in English. A Dutch edition would not make sense since the name translates as “taart grafiek” which has no relation with the number Pi. 


Sorry, Pie day has passed, this poster edition is not available anymore. Perhaps next year. You can still download the normal ChartGuide poster. 

Dutch Chart.Guide Poster

Recently I spoke about Chart.Guide at the annual seminar of the Dutch Association of Mathematics Teachers (the NVvW). For me this was very special, both professional and personal. Of course this was a beautiful chance to spread the Chart.Guide vision of the perfect chart into the Dutch Classrooms. In the same time, it was personal too, in the way that for me this was also a way to tribute my dad, who was a math teacher, but who passed away before I started teaching dataviz. 

Chart.Guide in the classroom

Three years ago, I created Chart.Guide is to help people make the Perfect Chart.

Most people learn about chart at school, during Mathematics. So for me this was a great opportunity to share my insights with those who teach others about charts. 

To help Dutch teachers spread the Chart.Guide message to the younger generations, I translated my ChartGuide chart poster into Dutch. During the seminar I officially launched the new poster. 

I was great to see the enthusiasm in the room and to hear the respons about the poster. At the end of the day more than 80 posters were taken home, hopefully to be shown in classrooms all over the country. 

Enthusiastic conversations about Chart.Guide poster

Dutch version of Chart.Guide poster

Chart.Guide poster, Dutch version

The entire Chart.Guide poster has been translated into Dutch. Although Dutch is my native language, it was a real challenge. Many of the charts do not have a translation into Dutch, so I had to create some of them myself. 

As of today, the Chart.Guide poster will be available both in Dutch and in English. 


Tribute to my dad: Coen Dullaert

Inspiring 500 math teachers was special to me, because my dad was a math teacher. When I was a kid, he let me draw on the background of old math exams. Although the formulas intrigued me, I have always been more interested in the visualization part. 

After I finished school I have been working as a product manager and analyst. In 2011 my dad passed away. Three years later, I was asked to teach other about data visualization, and in such, I stepped into my fathers footsteps. It makes me feel sad, that he never had the opportunity to see how his teaching genes and love for data continues into what I do now. 

As a tribute to my dad, I have included a small reference to him on the poster. Those who knew him well will recognize it.

My dad and me

Poster Giveaway

This month you can win a big Chart.Guide poster in the November edition of the Cool Infographics.com giveaway action. 


Cool Infographics.com

Cool Infographics is a website with a beautiful collection of data visualization posters and data visualization guides, among which you can find Chart.Guide. As a promotion to the release of Chart.Guide poster 4.0 they asked if I was interested to do an interview and participate in a giveaway action. 

Datavisualization guides: https://coolinfographics.com/dataviz-guides

Datavisualization posters: https://coolinfographics.com/posters


To promote the giveaway action, I was interviewed by Randy Krum, the owner of Cool Infographics.com. In this interview I answered questions about the path that led to why I created the poster and how the design process of the poster is working. You can read the entire interview here: https://coolinfographics.com/blog/2019/10/22/the-chart-guide-version-40 

Giveaway action

Readers of Cool Infographics can participate in a monthly giveaway action. Prices can be books, conference tickets, subscriptions, training courses, etc. Giveaways will be awarded to a randomly selected registrant, and winners will be notified by email. In the November edition you can win two Chart.Guide posters. One for yourself, and one to give away to someone else. 

The only thing you need to do to participate in the giveaway action, is to drop you email adress at Cool Infographics.com. 

Link to the giveaway action: https://coolinfographics.com/blog/2019/10/22/the-chart-guide-version-40

ChartGuide poster 4.0

We are very proud to inform you that the ChartGuide poster has been updated to version 4.0. This long awaited and big update introduces a new category, 19 new charts and 4 extra design tips. 

We wanted to add geospatial visualizations to the poster, although they might not be named charts, they have to be on the poster to be complete. Next to the maps, we wanted to add some new charts, like the lollipop chart and the sorted stream graph.  To make sure everything would fit on the poster, we needed redesign the total lay-out. Next to that we applied the less is more approach to all single chart icons. 

What's new?

The highlighted elements on the image below are the new additions to the poster. You see 19 new visualizations and 4 extra design tips. To make enough space to show all the new stuff, we merged the categories Correlation and Relation, and we placed the Chart “enhancements” in the Design a chart area of the poster. 

  • ChartGuide poster version 4.0 introduces a new category: Geospatial visualisations
  • 10 other new charts have been added
  • 4 new design tips have been added
  • The category correlation is merged with relations.
  • The “chart” categories are shown as icons, instead of text
  • The overall poster design changed
  • Many chart icons have a new “less is more” design
The new icons to represent the different "chart" categories

What should the new ChartGuide poster look like?

A new poster, help me choose the design

Yes, the new version of the Chart.Guide poster is almost ready. Currently we are working on the last details. Here you can already see a sneak preview. One of the big choices that have to be made, is about the overall poster design. And for that we need your help.

You can see three different poster designs below. You can click on the images to see a bigger version of the design, or watch the slider further below. 

Poster A
Poster B
Poster C


We want to know what poster design do you like best. Leave a comment below about what poster design you like best. 

Soon, the new poster will be available in print and as a free downloadable PDF. Do you want to be one of the first to use the new poster, please register or follow us on social media for updates.