Special Pi-Day Edition

International Pi-Day

International Pi-Day is held on March 14 to celebrate the the mathematical constant π (pi). The date is chosen, because when March 14 is written in numbers it is the same as the first numbers of pi (3-14). To celebrate International Pi-Day at ChartGuide, we created a Special Pi-Day Edition of the ChartGuide Poster. Only available for download this week.


Special edition poster

If you want to make a Pi Chart to celebrate Pi-day, make the chart according to these rules:

Remember, the information will still be hard to read, but with these rules, it will be less hard.

Why a special edition poster? Well, normally we would not recommend you to use a Pie-chart, because this chart is hard to read and not very accurate in interpretation. But today, on the day that is dedicated to Pi, we will make an exception. Today is all about celebrating Pi. The best way to do that when making charts is to make a Pi-Chart. So go ahead, take your chance to make the chart you should not make. Today you can. 

How to get the Special Pi-day Edition poster

If you already have registered in the past for the normal ChartGuide poster, you will get an email with a link to the page where you can download the PDF file. If you have not downloaded the poster before, please go to this page, register and you’ll receive a link to a page with both the PDF-files. The normal ChartGuide poster, and the Special Pi-day Edition. 

So download your Special edition ChartGuide poster, print it, and hang it above you desk, and make a Pi-Chart to celebrate Pi-Day with us. 

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