Sneak preview of the new Chart.Guide Poster

Welcome to this sneak preview of the Chart.Guide poster, edition 3.0.

Two years ago, I designed a poster filled with charts to help my students in my datavisualization classes. It became a small succes.

One year ago, I founded www.Chart.Guide, because a lot of people asked for a downloadable version of the poster. At that time I also redesigned my poster into version 2.0. New chart were added and as a bonus I included some chart design tips. In one year over 150 big posters of this edition were printed and distributed. The small downloadable one was even a bigger success. More than 500 people all over the world are using it.

Today I received a big box from the printer with the third edition of the Chart.Guide Poster as you can see in the picture above this post. So I can present to you a sneak preview of the Chart.Guide Poster 3.0. With even more charts and design tips.

The coming day’s I’ll update www.Chart.Guide so the new poster is available for download and shipment to you. For now, you just have to enjoy this sneak preview. As soon as the site is updated, I’ll send out an email to all who downloaded the earlier versions, so they can download the new ChartGuide Poster for free.

Update November 5th: The new mini poster is online and ready for download. You just have to subscribe to the newsletter.

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